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We love to introduce you our  FALL WINTER collection

Designed in Ghent

Made in Portugal


what we stand for


By using high quality yarns and fabrics ,we respect the process of fashion .  We work exclusively with local European suppliers/family businesses who are very passionate about their work.  

Our beautiful knitwear collection is made 100% in Portugal, we visite our suppliers 3 or 4 times a year to keep a good contact and get to know the people who worh there and see the good conditions.


The Bronson Collection is timeless in a various way.  This implies designs that always remains on trend.   We design 2 collections Fall/Winter & Spring/Summer.  A shirt you buy this winter, you can wear without a problem next year. 


The designer loves to put color in the collection. Even tho men prefer mostly blue. The creative team likes to add vibrant colors to reflect personality in the way a man wants to dress.

The collection can be easily combined thanks to its broad variety of colourlines.

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A few years ago I got to know the brand. I love their fitting, high quality fabrics and the fact I can wear it casual or fancy.

Koen, professional sportsman

Most of the time I wear a suit to go to court or clientvisit. But for a day in the office I always wear Bronson. I'm a big fan of their knitwear. 

Sammy, lawyer

Being an entrepreneur I expect a lot of my clothes. I have to feel confident and comfy to run my business. Bronson is always a good choice for a busy day full of meetings and hours behind the wheel

Peter, serial entrepreneur